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Important Orthodontic Terminology Every Parent Should Know | Best Kids Dentist - Brooklyn, NY

Last updated 7 years ago

If your child is seeing a pediatric orthodontist to get treatment for misaligned teeth, then you probably hear a lot of terms that are unfamiliar to you. Even if you have been visiting a pediatric dentistry office for years, you still may be a bit unsure about the phrases that your child's orthodontist uses.

Here are some important orthodontic terms that every parent should know:

  • Archwire: The thin wire that follows the shape of the dental arch and is used to move the teeth into their proper space. Archwires can also be used in a retentive function to keep teeth from moving.
  • Bands: The thin rings of metal that go over the molars in the back of the mouth. The bands fit over the back teeth in order to serve as the anchors for the entire orthodontic brace system.
  • Bracket: The part of your child's braces that attach to the front of the tooth. A bracket can be metal or ceramic, a tooth-colored option. Some orthodontists offer brackets in a fun shape, like stars.
  • Elastic Bands/Power Chains: The rubber bands that attach to the brackets to make the teeth shift into their proper place. A power chain is when all of the bands are connected in one long piece. Bands come in many different colors, and many kids love to pick out bands to match a favorite outfit or sports team.
  • Malocclusion: An improperly aligned bite. Underbites, overbites, and crossbites are all examples of malocclusions. A pediatric orthodontist may want to get an early start on treatment to achieve the best results.
  • Retainer: An orthodontic device that is used to keep straightened teeth in their new and proper alignment. Retainers can be permanently placed behind teeth to keep them from moving, or they can be removable trays that your child wears at certain times.

At Best Kids Dentist, our pediatric orthodontists can help your kids get the straight, beautiful smile they deserve. Call us today at (718) 491-5300 to schedule an appointment at our pediatric dentistry office.


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