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How to Prevent Common Braces Problems

Last updated 6 years ago

Today’s braces are more comfortable and less noticeable than the braces of the past. However, there are certain challenges specific to wearing braces that can be remedied with a few simple steps and the guidance of a pediatric orthodontist:

Follow a Daily Dental Hygiene Routine

Children who wear braces are more susceptible to accumulating plaque, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. As such, children are encouraged to stick to a routine which includes flossing daily, brushing after each meal, and using mouthwash containing fluoride. Children who wear a fixed orthodontic appliance should use a special interdental brush supplied by their orthodontists.

See the Orthodontist RegularlyTo ensure braces are working effectively, your child should see his or her pediatric orthodontist every six to eight weeks for an adjustment and check-up.

Avoid Problematic Foods

Certain foods, such as popcorn and candy, can interfere with braces by bending or dislodging the wires. These foods are, therefore, best avoided. It’s also best to avoid carbonated drinks or to sip them using a straw, as they can stain the orthodontic brackets.

Use a Mouth Guard When Playing Sports

If your child wears braces or a fixed orthodontic appliance, be sure to outfit him or her with a protective mouth guard when he or she is playing contact sports. If your child wears a removable appliance, remove it during contact sports or while swimming and place it in its case.

Choose Brackets That Suit your Lifestyle

It’s important to choose brackets that help your child feel comfortable with the idea of wearing braces. For example, a teenager concerned with minimizing the appearance of their braces could opt for clear or tooth-colored brackets, which can be provided by a children’s orthodontist.

To learn more about braces, contact Best Kids Dentist in Brooklyn, New York. We offer pediatric and adult orthodontic treatment as well as a variety of pediatric dental services, including laser pediatric dentistry. Get in touch with us by calling (718) 491-5300 or visiting our website.



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