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How to Take Care of Your Child's Teeth with Braces

Last updated 6 years ago

Braces are a part of many children's lives. As a parent, you'll be working closely with your child's pediatric dentist to care for your child’s teeth while he or she wears braces. Follow the tips below to help your child maintain his or her oral health during orthodontic treatment:

Brush After Meals

Have your child brush his or her teeth after every meal to keep food particles from becoming stuck in the braces and causing decay. Plaque can build up around braces, and can start producing bacteria that can damage teeth. Brushing after each meal will also prevent leftover food from remaining stuck in his or her braces.

Floss Regularly

Your pediatric orthodontist may recommend flossing after each meal or flossing in the morning and before bed. Remind your child to floss between each tooth, under the edge of the gum line, and between the wires and brackets. Flossing removes stubborn food particles, plaque, and bacteria that can accumulate in tight spaces.

Visit the Dentist

Just because your child is seeing an orthodontist doesn't mean he or she can skip dental appointments. Your child still needs to see his or her pediatric dentist every six months for professional cleanings and exams. This is a vital step in promoting good oral health, with or without braces.

Eat the Right Foods

It is important to avoid certain foods that could damage your child's braces. Sticky foods, sugary foods, hard foods, and ice chips could break brackets or wires, which could delay the orthodontic process. Give your child healthy foods, but be sure to cook hard vegetables until they are soft and serve fruit in small portions. Remind your child not to chew items such as gum, pencils, and ice.

If you need a pediatric orthodontist or dentist to care for your child's teeth, contact us at Best Kids Dentist. We offer the dentistry and orthodontic services your children need to have healthy, straight teeth. For an appointment at our Brooklyn office, call us at (718) 491-5300 today.


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