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    Last updated 5 years ago

    At Best Kids Dentist, we understand how the first dental experience can influence the way a child views dental care and oral health. That is why we’re committed to providing quality, comfortable pediatric dental care for all of our young patients. To learn more about pediatric dentistry practices, read the information in these links. Call us at (718) 491-5300 to schedule an appointment.

    Understanding the Importance of Taking Your Child to the Dentist from a Young Age

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Your child’s future dental health could depend on the habits he learns when young. A pediatric dentist plays a crucial role in helping your little one grow into a healthy adult. Your child should have his first dental visit by the time he turns one. Here are just a few of the reasons it’s crucial to start your child’s dental health care regimen early:

    Healthy baby teeth are essential for proper jaw development and placement of permanent teeth. Baby teeth also allow your child to build good eating and speech habits early in life. When baby teeth aren’t healthy, permanent teeth won’t be either.

    Dental anxiety plagues up to 70% of the population, and many adults avoid critical dental care, because they’re anxious about going to their appointments. When your child starts seeing a pediatric dentist early in life, he’ll become comfortable with dental treatment and be less likely to develop dental fear in the future.

    Oral health is intrinsically linked to general health. The older you get, the harder it is to develop and stick to a good oral care regime. When children see a pediatric dentist at an early age, they will learn the importance of caring for their teeth and get into good oral care habits that they will carry with them for life.

    At Best Kids Dentist, we’re committed to establishing good dental health for your child. Our kid-friendly practice makes dental care easy and comfortable for children. We avoid anxiety-causing situations and focus on making dental care fun. Give your child the gift of good oral health by scheduling an appointment at our pediatric dental practice today. Call us at (718) 491-5300 for more information on our New York City practice.

    What is Sedation Dentistry

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Dental anxiety is common. In fact, up to 70% of dental patients report experiencing some degree of fear about their dental visits, and many avoid treatment because of their nerves. Anxiety can be especially severe for young children. The good news is that with the help of nitrous oxide, dental care can be comfortable for all ages.In this video, you can learn about the use of nitrous oxide in dental treatment.

    At Best Kids Dentist, our goal is making dental care easy for young patients. When kids have good dental experiences at young ages, they’re more likely to maintain good oral health as adults. Learn more about our services by calling (718) 491-5300.

    What to Consider When Choosing an Orthodontic Option for Your Child

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Did you know that orthodontic problems can be identified as early as two years of age? Your pediatric dentist can detect a bad bite in your child when he is very young and sometimes offer treatment that could prevent him from needing further orthodontic care in the future. Though your pediatric dentist can recommend the best treatment plan for your child, here are some of the considerations that come into play for your child’s orthodontic care plan:

    If your pediatric dentist identifies problems with your child’s bite early in life, she may recommend treatment, such as braces, retainers, and expanders, to encourage proper jaw growth. When there are no permanent teeth, dentists have more options for manipulating the jaw, since it is still growing. Older children, especially those with permanent teeth, are almost always treated with braces.

    Type of Problem
    Dentists and orthodontists match the orthodontic treatment to the dental issue. For overcrowding, especially when your child still has baby teeth, they may recommend tooth extraction coupled with braces or retainers. For bite problems, braces are the solution. Although clear plastic aligner braces are considered for older children with minor bite issues, more dramatic bite problems usually still require traditional metal braces.

    Patient Concerns
    If your child is concerned about his appearance while receiving orthodontic treatment, your pediatric dentist can take that into consideration while devising a care plan. Clear aligners can put a child’s mind at rest if he’s worried about wearing metal braces. If invisible aligners won’t work for your child’s case, there may be other options, such as tooth-colored braces.

    Orthodontic treatment has a higher success rate in children than adults, so don’t delay in getting care for your child. Let Best Kids Dentist help you choose the right treatment for your child. We are committed to high-quality pediatric dental care that is also comfortable for your child. Call us at (718) 491-5300 to learn more about our dental practice.

    Stay On Top of Your Child's Dental Health by Visiting These Sites

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Taking care of your child’s dental health now helps him or her to avoid major dental complications as an adult. Browse the information in these links to learn how to keep your child’s teeth healthy. For help establishing good oral health for your child, contact Best Kids Dentist today. Our pediatric dental practice is a fun and fear-free environment for your child to get the dental care he needs. Call us at (718) 491-5300 to set up an appointment.

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