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About Best Kids Dentist

Located in Brooklyn, Best Kids Dentist is here to offer quality care to our young patients in a welcoming environment they will want to come back to. A pediatric dentist specializes in the oral care of children, from infants up through the teen years. It is important to start early with dental care, in fact we recommend that your child starts visiting us by age one, so that any problems that may have arisen can be taken care of early and in some cases avoided all together.

Why We Stand Out
We know that not every child enjoys a trip to a dentist, but here at Best Kids Dentist we want to make their experience comfortable and enjoyable so that they will want to come back. Our pediatric dentist wants your child’s first dental visit to not only be exciting, but fun. Our staff works to make sure your child’s dentist experience in easy and without pain.

From day one we will work together with you to help keep your child in great dental health. From your baby who is getting their first teeth, to your teenager who is worried what people are thinking because of the way their smile looks, we offer advice that is based on research and our experience with other patients.

We offer an office that is not only child friendly, but fun for your child. Our walls are not only colorful; they are filled with familiar characters from movies and TV that your child will recognize. Even when your child is in one of our dental chairs they will be able to look at our walls and see these familiar faces.

Our staff is trained to use vocabulary that will not scare your child; we avoid using words such as drill or hurt and make sure your child is comfortable with the treatment we will be providing them.

Our Mission
We know that young people need guidance and that everyone requires a different approach in dealing with and understanding their dental health. We can help you protect the future of your child’s oral health in many ways, from helping your young child let go of their beloved pacifier, to helping your older child athlete understand why wearing protection on their mouth is important. Our staff is educated and caring; we want your child to have the best experience possible when they visit us.

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Best Kids Dentist - Family Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY

We are here to make sure your child's first dental experience is full of fun and excitement. We believe with a careful and gentle approach, dentistry could be easy and painless.

(718) 491-5300
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7708 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11209

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